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ARIA DIPOL 1 - Тонколони /Kit/ - чифт
Арт.: 5944
ARIA DIPOL 1 - Тонколони /Kit/ - чифт
Арт.: 5944

1110.00 лв.
цена без ДДС

40/60W, 8 ohm, 75-30000Hz, 84 dB
The ARIA DIPOL 1 is intended specifically as an effect speaker for the rear channels in multichannel systems. It unites two concepts: It can be used in both dipole and direct modes. By activating the two outer tweeters, something approaching the dipole effect is achieved, i.e. a diffused sound field . At the same time, the centre tweeter is deactivated. This solution cannot achieve the perfect diffused field of a full dipole set-up, which uses twin cones in the bass department as well, but it does represent a good, value-for-money compromise.
ARIA DIPOL 1 speakers can be combined wither with the other members of the ARIA family or with larger speakers such as the VOX 200 .

Extract from Klang & Ton

"In contrast, the Arias demonstrated liveliness and a fine understanding for the subtleties of the film soundtracks. They are, however, robust enough to belt it out, if the need be."
"The two dipoles interface seamlessly with the music experience and ensure that the combination achieves impressive homogeneity. Once again, it became abundantly clear that the sound characteristics of all the speakers in a surround set are of crucial importance, as demonstrated adequately by the Aria combination."
"Visaton's surround set based on the Aria speakers has unmistakably set them apart from the crowd. Despite its compact size, the set has the power and control to make a real impact."

Цената на тонколоните е за пълен комплект, без кутиите.

Кутиите се изработват от MDF според технологичните чертежи на VISATON и в желания от Вас цвят. Цената им се формира в зависимост от вида на покритието ( боя или фурнир ) и използвания лак и байц. При проявен интерес, можете да ги поръчате при нас, или да Ви предоставим технологичните чертежи на VISATON.
И все пак, не забравяйте да ни попитате дали има налични готови тонколони от модела, който сте избрали и в какъв цвят и покритие са те.
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